This SUV 2.0 Weapon Locker has the same security, durability, and opening technology as the original SUV Locker with innovative improvements.


SUV 2.0

Rapid Access Weapon Locker
  • See configurations for our most popular SUV models:

2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility

Pre-2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility

Dodge Durango

Chevy Tahoe

  • SUV Locker 2.0 Dimensions:
    • Exterior – 42.0” wide x 9.15” tall x 20” deep
    • Interior – 38.7” wide x 6.7” tall x 15.3” deep
  • Opens automatically, by wireless remote
  • Comes with manual key override in case of dead battery or lost remote
  • Designed with Velcro straps or foam options to secure weapons and keep them from moving
  • Shell is made of 18 gauge galvannealed steel and drawer front is made of 14 gauge galvannealed steel, making them secure and tamper proof
  • Carpet-lined drawer to protect weapons
  • Sleek powder-coated design
  • Comfortably secures two weapons with plenty of extra storage space
  • Designed to fit into any standard police vehicle
  • Option available to place locker on 8″ risers for spare tire access and extra storage space underneath the unit
  • Stackable with other Estes AWS SUV Weapon Lockers and accessories and programmable for both weapon locker units to operate using same remote for convenience

Download PDF SUV Rapid Access Weapon Locker 2.0 Sell Sheet

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Ford PIU Storage and Fence Package

The SUV Weapon Locker 2.0 works in conjunction with the SUV Storage Box.

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