The Sedan Locker is designed to mount to the roof of the trunk.

This gun locker can be mounted in any police vehicle.



Rapid Access Weapon Locker
  • Sedan Locker Dimensions:

    • Exterior – 38” wide x 7” tall x 15” deep

    • Interior – 38” wide x 7″ tall x 14″ deep

  • Opens automatically, by wireless remote or hidden push button

  • Comes with a manual key override in case of dead battery or lost remote

  • Designed with Velcro straps or foam options to secure weapons and keep them from moving

  • Made of 14 gauge galvannealed steel, making them secure and tamper proof

  • Comfortably secures two weapons with plenty of extra storage space

  • Designed to fit into any standard police vehicle

  • Mounted to the roof of the trunk in the vehicle, keeping weapons out of sight while also leaving plenty of room for cargo in the trunk and allowing access to the spare tire

  • Transferable from Sedan to SUV by purchasing the enclosure and proper installation kit

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