Watch the videos to see our Rapid Access Weapon Lockers in action.


See for yourself how Estes AWS weapon lockers and accessories can meet the unique needs of your department.

SUV Weapon Locker 2.0

This SUV Rapid Access Weapon Locker provides state-of-the-art security, durability, and automated opening technology built to protect law enforcement and communities.

Electronics Tray

The Estes AWS Electronics Tray provides an economical, convenient, and functional solution to storing electronics in Police Interceptor Utility vehicles while still allowing for access to the spare tire.

Sedan Weapon Locker

Our Sedan Rapid Access Weapon Locker is designed to be mounted to the roof of the trunk in any police vehicle, keeping weapons out of sight while also leaving plenty of room for cargo in the trunk.

SUV Weapon Locker

Designed to give you rapid access to your weapons, this gun locker can be mounted in the rear of any SUV and is stackable with other Estes AWS SUV Weapon Lockers and accessories.

Weapon Lockers in Action

Our weapon lockers protect law enforcement and communities by keeping firearms locked and out of sight, while allowing officers to access their weapons quickly and easily with the push of a button.

Indestructible Design

Watch as we put our tamper-proof steel Rapid Access Weapon Locker to the test.