Typical Questions Asked When Showing the Product

Once you install the Estes AWS Weapon Locker, is there access to the spare tire?

Yes, you can still access the spare tire.  The only vehicle with known issues related to access to the spare tire is the Dodge Charger (2006-current). For this vehicle, the spare tire is in the way of the vault.  To remedy that issue, the area where the spare tire sits can be widened in order to lower it down.

How long does installation of the Rapid Access Weapon Locker take?

Generally, about 30-35 minutes. Fleet installers with experience installing Estes AWS products can install an SUV locker in 15 minutes and a sedan locker in 20 minutes.

What weapons will fit in the weapon locker?

A Rifle, shotgun and pistol will all fit easily. Otherwise, you will need the dimensions of different weapons, or you will need to contact us at info@estesaws.com, and we can assist. Recently, we were asked about a MILK grenade launcher.  This weapon will fit, if the gun is laying down, but you have to factor in the size of the revolving cylinder, which is about 6”. The cylinder needed to be under 7” in order to fit within the height of the locker.

What vehicles does the weapon locker fit?

All standard police vehicles.

Can you make the gun lock button open the locker?

Yes, you can.

Do you offer foam? Is it precut?

We will be offering a pick-n-pluck foam, which the end user can customize to their specific locker contents.

Can body armor fit inside the weapon locker?

It depends on what else is being carried in the drawer, but body armor itself will fit. Refer to the dimensions of the box, which are 38” wide x 15” deep x 7” tall.

Have you had any remote issues?

No, we use reliable security remotes with rolling codes. You will not run into an issue where anything other than the programmed remote will open that locker. If the battery is removed, the remote will still work when the battery is reinserted. If you need to reprogram, the locker will program easily to the first remote of the same kind it sees.

Can the lock be switched out to a handcuff lock?

No, we use hardened steel locks from Germany. The locks need to be extremely strong to pull the deadbolts inward from both sides, which is also why the key is so large.

Have you tried breaking into the weapon locker?

Yes, and we have a video to prove it. We were not able to get into the locker. When someone tries to pry the locker open from the top, they are actually driving the deadbolts further away from the center.

Can the Rapid Access Weapon Locker be removed from the vehicle without the safe being opened?

No, the locker is bolted from the inside of the locker and you need to access the inside of the locker to be able to remove it from the vehicle.

How much damage is done to the vehicle during installation of the weapon locker? Can we install the locker on rental vehicles?

In a sedan, there are 4 holes drilled into the package tray for the bolts to install, which is minimal damage. As for the Ford SUV, two factory bolts are used and two holes are drilled, again, minimal damage.

What if I want two SUV lockers stacked, how much extra work is required?

All units come ready to be stacked. The installer just needs to cut out the carpeting that is over the bolt holes that already exist. The only additional equipment required are the brackets and bolts to connect the two. Before bolting together, the installer will need to run the wires down through an existing hole.