What Makes Us Different


Estes AWS Rapid Access Weapon Lockers are designed to
safely secure your weapons while keeping them accessible at the push of a button.


Rapid Access

Rapid access through remote entry and patented automated opening technology

Features & Benefits:

  • Either velcro straps or foam padding in addition to a felt-lined interior for ease of deployment
  • Least time to deployment of any trunk or rear-cargo-area-based product in the industry (patented quick deployment system), which immediately presents the officers’ weapons to them by the time they arrive to the rear of their vehicle
  • With the remote open feature, there is no need to find a key, remember a combination, or operate a multi-pin lock, which keeps an officer safe when under duress
  • Designed to get the officer out of the kill zone of the passenger compartment


Secure, tamper-proof, galvannealed steel construction

Features & Benefits:

  • Made of galvannealed steel
  • Reliable opening mechanism (tested with a bag of concrete parked on a hillside)
  • The product keeps long guns out of sight – even with the trunk lid or back hatch open, which helps protect the community by keeping guns issued to law enforcement out of the hands of criminals
  • Pickup version stores long guns safely and efficiently without taking up valuable space in the truck bed, and the guns are secured in a dust-free, weather-free environment
  • Manual key included with unit as a back-up entry method for added security, which helps protect officers by still allowing access to their weapons even in the event of disabled vehicle power
  • Provides peace of mind to officers, on or off duty, that their vehicles will remain secure while in their vehicles

Universal Design

Universal design for easy installation in a variety of police vehicles and stackability of all SUV locker products

Features & Benefits:

  • Fits most major vehicle platforms including, but not limited to:
    • Ford Interceptor Utility
    • Ford Interceptor Sedan
    • Chevrolet Tahoe
    • Chevrolet Impala
    • Dodge Durango
    • Dodge Charger
  • Simple design with standard dimensions for ease of transfer between vehicle platforms and types (SUV and Sedan), which saves a department money by not requiring an additional purchase when a vehicle is retired or equipment is switched between vehicles
  • The product provides secure storage for your long guns while leaving space for other things in the trunk or rear cargo area (it doesn’t attempt to organize your entire cargo space)  
  • In most vehicles, the long guns can be securely stored while still leaving the ability to get to the spare tire
  • Because the locker can be mounted anywhere, it allows a department to have secured weapons located at critical locations (i.e. soft targets) throughout their jurisdictions (locations including airports, schools and courthouses)