We work to provide secure, accessible and rapidly responsive automotive weapon lockers that are built to protect law enforcement and communities.

We are your innovative security partner, not just another vendor. Our Rapid Access Weapon Lockers are made for sedans, SUVs and pickup trucks.



Estes AWS formed as a result of the acquisition of Automated Weapon Security by Estes Design and Manufacturing, Inc. Automated Weapon Security began manufacturing and selling automated weapon vaults for law enforcement in 2011. Estes Design and Manufacturing, Inc. is a full-service, ISO 9001-certified sheet metal fabricator founded in 1976, which services its customers with high-quality products, innovative design, performance and speed.

Today Estes AWS Rapid Access Weapon Lockers are being sold nation-wide. The products can open electronically with no combinations to remember, which helps Protect Law  Enforcement by allowing officers to be presented with their weapons quickly when the occasion arises. The security features of the lockers Protect Communities by keeping weapons out of the hands of criminals. With the resources of Estes Design and Manufacturing, the company continues to improve the products available to the law enforcement community and offers custom design and manufacturing capabilities to make product enhancements and customizations.



“I have been upfitting emergency vehicles since 2000, and I am also a full time police officer. Therefore, I am also the end user of the equipment I install. I do upfitting for nearly every law enforcement agency in the county in which I work.

During my time as an installer, I have installed prisoner partitions, K9 cages, cargo barriers, and gun vaults of several brands. I have also upfitted several Fire Chief/staff vehicles too throughout the years.

I have been installing AWS Estes gun lockers in the police vehicles in our fleet since 2013 when the first generation of the Ford Interceptor Utility locker came out. I have also installed Estes AWS gun lockers in a Dodge Durango for another agency.

I like the AWS Estes Rapid Access Weapon Lockers because there are not a lot of parts necessary for the installation. The mounting hardware primarily adapts to factory bolts that are visible in lieu of cutting, hacking, and drilling into interior molding or on the body of the vehicle.

I recommend the AWS Estes Rapid Access Weapon Lockers and accessories alike for they are easy to install, and can move to another vehicle fairly quickly. While there are still very good quality products out there, Estes AWS is my favorite.”

Randy Rogers | Mooresville Police Deparment

“If you really want your weapons to be SECURE, then you will NOT find another solution that offers anything better! Very simple to install. Definitely one of the best solutions on the market!”

Dave Hartman | Passive Security Solutions

“The Estes AWS Rapid Access Weapon Locker is different than other weapon lockers on the market. The construction is much stronger, the price point is better and the width is wide enough to accommodate all of our weapon systems (other than a few sniper rifles).

I believe the weapon locker protects law enforcement officers. Our deputies can carry their shotgun, rifles etc. without having to take these weapons in and out of the vehicle every day. They can now leave these items in the vehicle, knowing that they are more secure then when they are clearly visible in the shot gun rack in the front compartment area.

The Rapid Access Weapon Lockers’ installation is straight forward. Once we got the hang of it, we were able to install six systems every evening with two (two man) teams.”

John Holl Sr. | Fleet ManagerOsceola County Sheriff’s Department

“As a 37 year veteran of the protective services industry, this is the first mobile gun locker I’ve seen that meets the needs of both security and rapid deployment. The remote opening feature allows the officer to maintain his position of cover while still accessing a patrol rifle or specialty munitions from their vehicle for other responding officers to utilize. Estes AWS has set the bar with their Rapid Access Weapon Lockers for both law enforcement and the private gun owner, by protecting law enforcement through enhanced rapid response while protecting the community from stolen firearms.”

Karl L. de la Guerra | Chairman and Chief Executive OfficerKDI Protective Services of South Carolina & KDI Tactical Operations Training Center
Estes AWS National Spokesman*

“What I like about the Rapid Access Weapon Lockers by Estes AWS is the increased security it provides to police firearms and the ease with which officers can rapidly obtain their firearms in an emergency situation. I recommend this unit to anyone who carries a stored firearm in their vehicle for work in law enforcement.”

Richard Mata | Police Officer (Ret.)

“This is the first gun locker I have seen that revolutionizes the storage and safety of weapons.”

Daniel Starks | President and FounderStarks Training Institute, Inc.

Some of Our Customers


Law Enforcement

  • Lafayette, IN PD
  • Lansing PD | Lansing, IL
  • Cambridge Police
  • Tinley Park, IL Police
  • Northeast Regional PD
  • DEA | Chicago, IL
  • IU Police | Bloomington, IN
  • Osceola County Sherrifs Dept | Kissimmee, FL
  • Plainfield Police | Plainfield, IN
  • Nashville PD | Nashville, TN


  • Owens Communications
  • PD Systems | Mokena, IL
  • Adamson Industries
  • Southwest Solutions TX
  • Innovative Police Solutions 
  • Andy Mohr Ford Fleet Division
  • Waymire APS Inc. | Indianapolis, IN
  • On Duty Depot
  • Pursuit North | Martinez, CA

What Makes Us Different


Rapid Access

Patented Technology with Wireless Remote Control Access

Our product features patented rapid accessible technology to protect the lives of law enforcement officers and communities. Estes’ Rapid Access Weapon Lockers open electronically, with a push of a button on a wireless remote. No combinations to remember.



Tamper-proof Galvannealed Steel Construction

Our high-quality products keep weapons out of sight – even with the truck lid or back hatch open, which helps protect the community by keeping weapons issued to law enforcement out of the hands of criminals.


Easy Installation

Easy Installation in a Variety of Police Vehicles

All of our rapid access weapon lockers and accessories come with installation kits designed around factory mounting points to minimize installation time, costs, and headaches.


Universal Design

Stackable SUV Products to Provide Multiple configuration Options

Simple design with standard dimensions for ease of transfer between vehicle platforms, which saves a department money by not requiring an additional purchase when equipment is switched between vehicles.

* Mr. de la Guerra is compensated by Estes AWS as its national spokesman, including receiving a percentage of sales.