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Position: Commissioned Regional Sales Representatives (immediate need)

Location: Several locations nationally (major markets preferred – territories will be defined by counties around large metro areas)

Posted: September 7, 2016

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Estes Design & Manufacturing is an ISO-Certified contract manufacturing firm with advanced manufacturing expertise in metal forming, laser-welding, and innovative design. As a result of a recent acquisition, the newly formed Estes AWS company is looking for commissioned regional sales representatives to develop demand and close sales with state and local law enforcement departments and distributors and installers serving that market. The product line consists of three models of Rapid Access Weapon Lockers for law enforcement vehicles (separate models for sedan, SUV and pick-up vehicles). The product has been in existence since 2011 but is newly patented and will now be supported by national marketing and promotion.

Job Description:

Estes AWS is seeking motivated, helpful, collaborative sales representatives who can open doors in the law enforcement community and work a defined sales process to help close transactions for the sale of the Estes AWS gun lockers. Each position will have a territory of several states and will have the support of national marketing and an executive structure that includes customer service, manufacturing, and engineering. The right candidate will sell to both end users and distributors and will work with field installers (either 3rd party or located within law enforcement departments). Professional documentation and videos on installation will be available, along with experts at the manufacturing site who can assist customers with installation issues. Pricing will be defined by the General Manager of the business who will own the authority to negotiate discounts on a given deal. Compensation will be paid based on payments received for shipped goods within the territory in which the regional sales representative participated, and all sales expenses will be the responsibility of the regional sales representative. From time to time, Estes AWS may provide funds to attend regional Shows in the sales representative’s territory and may supplement his/her presence there with additional company resources. Estes AWS will provide all necessary information and documentation about the product itself, and a demo unit may be available for installation in the sales representative’s vehicle as applicable. The job will include cold-calling and is defined as a “hunter” position. There are numerous competing products but none with the differentiated features of the Estes AWS product line. The successful candidate will have demonstrated access to law enforcement buyers.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Call on law enforcement fleet managers, department chiefs, and tactical user groups to generate awareness and describe the features of the product line to decision-makers
  • Attend tactical training sessions to demonstrate the product and discuss its features and benefits to end-users
  • Arrange for demo units to be installed in prospect vehicles and maintain contact with the prospect during the T&E demonstration period
  • Work with purchasing agents in law enforcement departments to properly write specifications of RFPs so that the unique features of the Estes AWS product line are appropriately described
  • Manage sales cycles to close business on behalf of Estes AWS with large metro police departments, small local law enforcement groups, distributors, and installers in his/her regional sales territory
  • Work with distributors and 3rd party installers as requested by end-users to facilitate sales to the law enforcement groups as they would like to buy (pricing is different for end-users and distributors)
  • Meet with other sales resources of Estes AWS 1-2 times per year to discuss sales strategies, share best practices, and optimize the creation/gathering/sharing of leads
  • Be available for “check-in” calls with the National Sales Manager several times per month
  • Uphold the values of Estes Design & Manufacturing with all integrity and professionalism

Best Candidates have the Following Skills/Qualifications:

  • College degree
  • Minimum 10 years of experience as a law enforcement field officer (involved in tactical operations) or in sales to the law enforcement market
  • Outgoing and genuine enjoyment of interactions with people; must be likeable and helpful and have good listening skills
  • Dedicated to prompt follow-up of sales contacts, attention-to-detail to accurately capture buyer needs/values, and management of a sales cycle to “enthusiastic client” results
  • Abstract problem-solver who can assess a situation and determine the best course of action to achieve a desired outcome
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office technology – will possibly be required to capture sales activity in sales-tracking system
  • Able to lift 70 lbs. and provide on-site assistance to installers when needed (basic mechanical/electrical ability)